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Consultations for equine and canine species are slightly different. Equine consultations typically require more time in order to cover the whole horse.

Please contact me direct for quotes regarding other species.







Mileage charges:

First 20 miles from AL1 is free.

Additional travel costs will be worked out based on travel to and from your home/yard.

21-29 miles from AL1: £10

30-39 miles from AL1: £15

40-49 miles from AL1: £25

For any distances further afield, please contact me

What does a consultation entail?

During the initial consultation I will take a detailed history from you and discuss your future goals with your pet. Every consultation will involve a through static and dynamic assessment of the animal in question. Depending on your concerns, I may ask to see your animal in a certain situation. In horses this may be under saddle or on the lunge. This will be followed by in-depth palpation to create an overall picture of the animal, in order for me to determine where I concentrate my work.

Each treatment will involve use of the necessary electrotherapy equipment and manual therapy. You will receive a written report after the session along with guidance of how to proceed between sessions. This may include remedial exercises that I feel would benefit your animal or recommendations to other professionals such as saddle fitters etc.


Equine Initial consultation

Please allow up to 1 hour, 30 minutes




Equine follow-up consultation

Please allow up to 1 hour, 15 minutes.




Canine Initial consultation

Please allow up to 1 hour, 30 minutes.



laser dog.jpg

Canine follow-up consultation

Please allow up to 1 hour, 15 minutes.




Diane Moreton, Hertfordshire

Cloe has been really good with our dog, helping keep her comfortable and mobile after being diagnosed with a cruciate ligament injury and arthritis. Cookie has been a lot happier since starting sessions with Cloe and even gets excited when she sees her now! Would highly recommend Cloe

Cloe is amazing. She is very passionate about her work. Been treating my Mare before and after kissing spine surgery. She is very gentle and patient. My Mare has always been difficult to work on but actually stands quietly for Cloe. Having had an injury myself at the time Cloe kindly helped me out by doing the initial rehab for my Mare after her surgery by walking her in hand for me and has taught me how to get her to work long and low without the use of aids that can be restricting. I really couldn't have managed without Cloe and will be forever grateful.

Kate White, Herfordshire

Cloe was absolutely brilliant with our dog after he sustained an injury of his hind leg. He can be a little nervous around new people but Cloe put him at ease straight away and he genuinely loved her company. Her passion for animals and her jobs shines through and we would highly recommend’ 

Jennifer Winn, Hertfordshire

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